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The SEADOM 30 Under 30 Project is an ongoing initiative housed under the Southeast Asian Directors of Music (SEADOM), and brings together 30 outstanding Southeast Asian music leaders under the age of 30. Inspired by the International Music Council's (IMC) Five Music Rights, these young music leaders embrace the multiplicity and hybridity of various musical styles and genres present in Southeast Asia. They creatively fuse tradition and innovation, and are passionate about cultivating the next generation of musicians and audiences in their respective countries and across the region.

This platform provides these individuals a chance to gain visibility, collaborate artistically, and further develop professionally through seminars, mentorships with partner artists, and showcase opportunities. Many of these activities are also open to the public for free. Such efforts aim to bring to light what exactly a Southeast Asian musical identity really is:


A constantly evolving diversity of artistic voices forming meaningful connections across time and space.


"It's always great to see an ever-emerging self-assurance coming through so distinctively from the SEADOM 30 Under 30 music leaders!"
- Bernard Lanskey, President of SEADOM

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