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Joenic 'Nicky' France Juanite



Joenic France ‘Nicky’ Juanite was born and raised from the Philippines and just recently graduated from Composition in Korean Music at Seoul National University. Nicky’s music career first began in the year of 2009 as a traditional musician when she took the DCPMA-Asian Music in the College of Music at the University of the Philippines. Since then she has been involved in various local performances and was able to represent her country to some notable International performances in Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. Despite not being able to finish her degree back in the Philippines it was the most important chapter of her life, for she was able to learn and understand the ASEAN instruments in a musician’s perspective. Currently, Nicky is given the opportunity and scholarship to study composition under the kind guidance of Korean Music Department at Seoul National University. The academic composition is still new for her but she is patient and is willing to learn and understand the ASEAN instruments in a writer’s perspective.

She is now an active composer and performer in the annual ‘Borderless Concert’ of SNU College of music. She’s purposely written her pieces for the Gugak instruments with Philippine traditional instruments. She is currently also an active composer, collaborator, and performer in ‘Basement Theater’ based in New Zealand, Salad Theater and Camarata Theater in South Korea. Finally, she is the current Secretary-General of the organization ‘Pinoy Artists in Korea’ that created events promoting the Philippine Traditional Music around South Korea.

ConFUSION: Risk, composed for the PGVIM ASEAN Youth Ensemble 2019. Description here

Selected Works and Projects

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