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Thanisa Durongkaveroj


PGVIS 2020, Anothai Nitibhon

This performance is a live collaboration between music and movement by Thanisa Durongkaveroj (pianist), Weerapong Donlakhon (choreographer), and Yuthana Amrarong (choreographer), along with over fifty collaborators from Kid Buak Sip Dance Company. The performance is based on the idea of individual voices that come to merge. Starting with Thanisa hitting piano keys sporadically alone on stage, melodious lines start to form, and the richer harmonic progression invites Weerapong and Yuthana to appear and, with their body movements, mimic the spirits of nature, human expression, and fragility spontaneously with the music. Halfway into the performance, fifty collaborators come along and contemplate the notion of self and social belonging, as they explore the relationship between time and space on stage.

The program notes are thereby quoted here:

"We finish with In(Div)idual, a work that tells the story through the sound of an individual floating in a sea of solitude, trying to land herself ashore, and awakened again with a new voice; The voice of an individual that nonetheless reverberates with the sounds of the world she is emerging from and the new reality that is now hers to discover."


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